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World of Warcraft Classic: Naxxramas Is Live

Last week we covered the release Naxxramas’ raid pre-patch for classic World of Warcraft. The patch added the actual fortress in the skies of Lordaeron and fixed several issues that already existed in the original game. The pre-patch also added new pieces of equipment to the game as well as new ways to unlock said equipment. Blizzard has released the full Naxxramas patch on December 3, two days after the pre-patch. Let us see what players will face in this new raid. Of course, you can get a lot of warcraft classic gold in this raid.

Classic World of Warcraft players now can attack the scourge fortress of Naxxramas. As we stated in previous articles, both Alliance and Horde players can form 40 players parties to access the raid. The raid is limited to players with level 60 or above; the adventurers who succeed in defeating the 15 bosses of Naxxramas will earn unique rewards such as the Splinter of Atiesh, Corrupted Ashbringer, The Phylactery of Kel’Thuzad, Shoulder enchantments, and nine-piece raid sets for each class.

The raid sets will give you various bonuses and buffs for every two additional pieces of equipment you equip until you get 8 pieces. Here is the list of raid sets for each players class: Druid: Dreamwalker Raiment, Hunter: Crypstalker Armor, Mage: Frostfire Regalia, Paladin: Redemption Armor, Priest: Vestments of Faith, Rogue: Bonescythe Armor, Shaman: The Earthshatterer, Warlock: Plagueheart Raiment, Warrior: Dreadnaught’s Battlegear. You will unlock them as you progress through the fortress.

To access Naxxramas, you will have to gain attunement attaining the Honored rank with the Argent Dawn faction. The Archmage Angela Dosantos will ask you to gather materials to become attuned you will be able to teleport yourself and your party into the citadel. The materials gathering task can be long and costly if your reputation with Argent Dawn is not high enough. However as your reputation increases, it will cost less an when you reach the rank of exalted, it will be free.

Once you reach Naxxramas itself you will have to progress through its four main zones (or quarters) and defeat hordes of enemies and several bosses. Be sure to be well prepared as the difficulty of the dungeon spikes at several points. Once you defeat the side bosses, you will be able to reach Frostwyrm Lair and defeat Kel’Thuzad and his protect to Sapphiron the ancient skeletal Frostwyrm.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)