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Health insurance in the Netherlands for migrant workers

Did you know that it is obligatory for everyone who lives in The Netherlands to have health insurance? This also applies if you stay in The Netherlands for a certain period to work. Even if you already have health insurance in your home country. With a basic health insurance you are insured for the most necessary care, such as hospitalisation or a visit to the doctor. This is not only important, but also a good idea for yourself. HollandZorg offers health insurance Netherlands especially for migrant workers. This makes it a lot easier for you to take out health insurance.

What is HollandZorg insurance?

In principle, a HollandZorg insurance is just a health insurance, but it is tailored to the situation of migrant workers. We have taken various things into account. For example, the insurance must be easy to take out, but it must also be possible to cancel it at the moment you return to your home country. The insurance can also be stopped temporarily when necessary. We have also thought about employers. This gives them insight into their employees’ healthcare administration and, if necessary, they can apply for healthcare benefits for them.

S1 form or not?

Do you work in the Netherlands and have health insurance here, but live abroad? Then you can use an S1 form to show that you have Dutch health insurance. You are then entitled to care in your home country that is covered by your HollandZorg insurance. This includes all care under the HollandZorg basic health insurance and statutory medical care in your home country. If you have taken out HollandZorg insurance yourself, you can apply for the S1 form. If your employer arranged the insurance for you, you will receive the S1 form from him. Do you have any questions about our health insurance? Please feel free to contact us.


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