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Tips for garden irrigation

Garden irrigation can be the only way to preserve the vegetation in your garden. When you are thinking about garden irrigation you need to keep a number of things in mind. For instance: the time of your irrigation is critical. Because is the irrigation is done at the wrong time, then you can devellop fungal deseases. Of couse you want to avoid this. So read adead for some very usefull tips about garden irrigation:

Tip one: do not irrigate your entire garden but hink about where it’s needed the most. This is because all plant are different and all need a different level of water each and every day. When you irrgate your garden willy-nilly some plants will receive too much water and they could get suffocated. While other won’t have enough water. You need to be selective when you are irrigating your garden. So your plants will live a longer life.

Another tip: if you are not entirely sure if you have to irrigate or not. You can alway do this simple trick: use your index finger to poke in the ground. If the soil feels moist, you don’t need to irrigate. If the soil feels dry, then obviously you do have to irrigate.

The next tip is: irrigate at the exact right time. The time you start your irrigation is more important than most of us might think. The time is very dependent on what kind of plants you have. Some plants are able to absorb a lot of water in a sort time, while other take a much longer time. Usually if you water the plants very early in the morning, then they will have enough time to absorb the water before the heat of the sun evaporates it all. It is important though that the moisture doensn’t stay on the soil for too long because then the nasty insect and diseases will come to your garden. Do you have a very big garden? Then you’ll need a water pump.



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