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The 5D bend your system needs

Are you looking for a 5D bend? If you are not sure, it is best to call in a specialist such as PipingMarket.eu They mainly make products for pipes and pipe bends, which are used in the chemical, oil and gas and electricity industries as constructive passageways to facilitate the transfer of all kinds of substances, for example water or fuel. ‘5D’ bend is an indicator of the diameter of such a pipe system. The 5 in 5D bend represents the radius. Thus, a 5D bend is 5 times larger than an ordinary bend. Be sure to ask your specialist for help to find out whether the radius is suitable for your project.

The difference between a regular tee and a barred tee

If you are looking for a tee for your pipe system, it is important to buy the right model. Therefore, you should definitely know the difference between a regular tee and a barred tee. A tee is a type of fitting that allows fluid to flow onto the main pipe of your piping system and branch off. That branch can be as large as the main pipeline or smaller than the main line. These branches are then respectively called ‘equal tee’ and ‘reducing tee’. On the other hand, a barred tee is a special type of tee that is based on a normal tee that will be added at a later stage with bar plates in the branch outlet (from the inside it looks like a steel cage) to prevent the pig from the collector pipe from flowing into the branch pipes. In other words, the barred tee has a very specific function, so make sure you are indeed in need of such a system. The barred tee mainly comes into play when there is a requirement for pigging (technical cleaning that involves cleaning the pipes with a flexible cleaning prop, the pig, in an eco-friendly way).

Ask your specialist for help

Ask your specialist for help. It is only logical that you will need help to purchase the right products for your system. The selection at a specialist such as PipingMarket.eu is huge. So consult with them and choose the right products for your piping system.

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