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Safety products with a long service life for a safe work floor

Safety on the work floor is the most important thing when it comes to running a business. Whether you are working with dangerous chemicals or just in an office, safety should always come first. ISP agrees with that, but also thinks that creating a safe working environment doesn’t have to be hard. The offer safety products that are easy to install and use, such as safety hooks, cable guards and self-closing safety gates. If you work a lot with cables and wires, you don’t want them to be loose so that people could trip and/or damage the important cables and wires. With the safety hooks and cable guard that ISP offers, you’ll easily create a cable safe working environment.

The various advantages of the safety hooks of ISP

The safety hooks and cable guards that ISP offer have various advantages if you want to create a safe working environment. For instance, the safety hooks are made from the best materials so that they hardly require any maintenance. This is not only saving you time, but also a lot of money since paying for maintenance is not necessary. Other advantages are that the safety hooks are bright yellow coloured for extra visibility, available in four different sizes and easily used with one hand. It also saves time to use these safety hooks and cable guards compared to gathering all the loose cables and wires with tie wraps. If you want to create a safe workspace for everyone, the products of ISP offer an easy and effective way to do exactly that.

Discover the various products they offer

Next to safety hooks and cable guards, these experts offer various other products that contribute to a safe working environment. They are also the official European distributor of Intrepid Industries’ self-closing safety gates. Do you want to know more about their products? Contact them or visit their website for more information.


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