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Properties of powders and particles

The development of a good quality product starts with the raw materials. That is why Solids Solutions researches the properties of powders and particles. If you get stuck in the production process, we can determine where things go wrong and find a solution. You can not only come to us for research. You can also count on our expertise if you need advice, or if you want to acquire specific knowledge in this area yourself. Through our academy we offer courses and seminars in the field of powder and particle technology.

BET analysis

Gas is used to determine the surface area of a solid. At Solids Solutions we often use nitrogen in combination with a BET analysis. In this way the BET surface of the solid can be calculated. In situations where nitrogen does not have the desired result, we use carbon dioxide or argon adsorption. This is for example the case with specific substances, such as activated carbon. We can not only determine the surface, but also perform pore size analyses on porous materials.

Powder segregation

Something else we’re researching in our laboratory is powders and particle size. Powders form the basis for many different products. For a good quality and functioning of the product, it is important that the different components of the powder remain well mixed. However, this is not always the case, because powder segregation can take place. Solids Solutions investigates the cause of this and also looks for a solution to the problem. Among other things, we carry out particle size analyses, because the size of the loose particles has a lot of influence on whether or not powders are segregated. If you would like more information about our expertise, or if you need advice, please contact us.


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