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Ordering a nendoroid from your favourite tv show

If you’re a fan of Japanese products and tv shows chances are that you have heard of nendoroids. These figurines are mode from ABS and PVC and are designed in a chibi style, which you can see in their giant head compared to a small body. Nendoroids are used as toys and as collection items. Are you interested in ordering a nendoroid from your favourite anime show? Then you should check out Nendo Addicts! Read on and discover what they have to offer you.

Look around for your favourite item

When you visit Nendo Addicts in Antwerp or take a look at their webshop, you will be amazed by how big their collection of Japanese stuff is. Name a popular anime, there’s a high chance they will have products from this tv show. Do you like Dragon Ball Z? They have various manga comic books! Are you specifically interested in ordering a nendoroid? Do you love watching My Hero Academia? I bet you’ll love a nendoroid from Shoto Todoroki or Izuku Midoriya, two of the show’s main characters! Or how about a cool figurine in chibi style from Attack On Titan, an anime show that became very popular over the past few years? Decorate your room by ordering a Eren Yaeger or Armin Arlert nendoroid. Is the nendoroid that you were planning on ordering currently unavailable? This means that it’s either of out stock or yet has to be released. Luckily you can also pre-order your favourite figurines, which means that they will be shipped to you as soon as they’re in stock!

Sign up to stay up-to-date

Are you having troubles ordering your nendoroid? Did someone snatch away the final one right under your nose? Be sure to sign up for their newsletter! This way you’ll be notified when a product gets a restock. You’ll also receive a notification if there’s a convention that Nendo Addicts will go to or if there are new products coming out soon.


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