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NBA 2K21: Changes In The New Generation

We know that the new generation, made up of Xbox Series X | S and PS5 have not come with a large catalogue of exclusives under its arm, but at least there are third party titles that are released together with the console to demonstrate the potential it has ahead the new consoles. Precisely, NBA 2K21 is one of the best exponents when it comes to third party games that take advantage of the new hardware.

Perhaps, the first thing that enters the eyes when entering the next-gen version of the game is the graphic section. Not only are the typical high texture switching included here, but the patterned ones shine on their own.

The truth is that 2K’s work with its basketball game is outstanding in terms of adapting many of the key elements of the new generation to the game. To say that loading times are so much short that one can forget about them.

The aforementioned realistic graphics are just the spearhead, and all the gameplay is accompanied by improvements in the game’s audio that take full advantage of these new options, especially in regards to the ambient sound of the game during the parties.

Besides, the NBA 2K21 version for the new generation has also included changes in the control system. For example, the game is now able to make use of the adaptive triggers and the special vibration of the DualSense, another of those aspects focused on increasing the realism of the game. The subtle change in controller vibration enables faster anticipation of physical changes in players (such as fatigue) and the trigger pressure system makes shooting the ball more precise and above all more realistic.

The game also adds some real options to the visualization of the game, such as the camera tracking system that is a real visual delight. It is one of the best visual examples of what the PS5 and Xbox Series X can demonstrate by allowing you to see the players closely and above all, the changes in the physics and anatomy section of them, which is, as we say, the greatest visual exponent in a sports simulation title.

The introduction of these elements in the gameplay, together with the improvements in the lighting and the realistic graphics of the game, accompanied by the improvements in the sound, make NBA 2K21 one of those titles that the users of the new generation are almost forced to try. So in conclusion, NBA 2K21 right: It is one of the best looking and best feeling titles of the new generation, at least for the moment. And people can buy NBA 2K21 MT coins to improve the gameplay experience.


(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)



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