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How to Make Your Office Modern

It’s no secret that an office has the potential to be dull and boring like they use to be back in the day. Some organisations might still be rocking the same design, but the office design scene evolves every year, so how do you get on board with a modern office to support productivity and morale?

Use single working spaces

It’s a fact that working in an open plan office generates a lot of noise and distractions. Single working spaces allow you to keep the office open but provides a safe space for those who need it. Introducing a workspace for one, allows the individual to schedule out the time they require for a peaceful working environment.

Promote flexible working

Not only can Flexible Working help productivity it also allows your employees to choose where they work in the office. One day it may be the office, the next in the breakout area and in the summer it might be outside.

Wherever they choose to work, show there is a level of trust and that you support the flexible working scheme. Another benefit is the ability to mix with other employees to strengthen bonds.

Biophilic Design

A trend that’s running strong in 2020 is Biophilic design. Biophilic design allows you to focus on bringing nature and natural light into the workplace.

It can be as simple as lightening the room and adding plants. It’s said that adding plants to the office can reduce stress levels, increase productivity and clean the air boosting positive health.

Outside of using plants, introducing accessories and decorations which have been created from natural products and materials is also a great way to transition to a Biophilic office design.

Adding Vision Screening

Vision screening provides the best of both worlds with an acrylic panel teamed with an acoustic panel. Allowing natural light to flow into the workstations whilst adding the acoustic foam to help with daily distractions.

When choosing your office screening, don’t forget to mix and match your colour scheme to enhance your current office design.


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