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How do you make money on Instagram?

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You have certainly heard that Instagram makes a good income. Many actually live on the money they earn online. In the comments, on almost all popular posts, you can see the promise of mountains of gold for the seat on the couch. Most users understand, of course, that nothing happens that easily. But now Instagram is evolving every day and anyone who puts in the effort can make money.

Everyone can take their own place, because now there is an enormous sea of ‚Äč‚Äčopportunities. Choose what is of interest to you and within your control.

Let’s take a look at several ways to get money on Instagram:

Likes, comments, subscriptions.

Lowest paid job on the internet because it’s simple. The work does not require any mental or physical effort. However, many users are willing to pay for likes, comments, and subscriptions for the desired users. This method is used by many companies, which provides cheap advertising. Now this way of making money is losing popularity as there are many competing automated programs.

The work is not as difficult as the creative. The person assumes the responsibility of the Instagram account administrator. That is, it processes photos, writes texts, posts messages, sets up traffic, and so on. Usually the conditions are always negotiated personally, depending on the wishes of the employer. To become an Administrator or Content Manager (this is a similar position), you can view job sites or offer your own service.

 Perhaps the most lucrative Instagram cell. Bloggers are getting more expensive every day, but their numbers are also growing every day. Bloggers make money from ads. Their opinions are valued, they are trusted, which is why they buy ads. However, with the latest updates on Instagram, namely with the arrival of the “Smart Feed”, bloggers are not only judged by the number of subscribers. Most important now is audience engagement and page stats, so the cost of advertising to a blogger doesn’t always depend on the number of readers.

Own company.

Shops, clinics, salons and other miscellaneous services. To develop your business, you need to come up with beautiful packaging for a product / service, choose an ad correctly and, most importantly, a quality product. Here you immediately earn money with your product or service. You can sell something of yourself, or you can work as an employee. You can open your own business and promote it for a profit. In this section, your earnings depend solely on you and your product.

Online training.

The format is rapidly gaining popularity. If you are a specialist in something, or you have unique knowledge, or you just know how to sort information on the shelves, you can teach. There are currently no other courses on Instagram: personal growth courses; make-up artists; language courses and so on. In general, everything previously taught in forums and congresses is now available on the Instagram network. The merits of teachers and organizers of such courses vary depending on the number of students / courses, employment and popularity.

Partnership Programs.

One of the ways to make money on Instagram is to connect with an affiliate program or post ads from your partners. You get your commission on sales.

To make money on Instagram, you have to do this actively. It is necessary to be patient, to create something of yourself that will be appreciated in the world market. After all, it even takes a lot of time to become a blogger …

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