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Best New Years Eve 2021

With our tips we help you with the best new years eve of your life.


Fireworks popping

Do you go out into the street at night to set off fireworks? Then of course that has to be ready. You can choose to have everyone pay a certain amount, so that you can buy a large batch of fireworks. Do some guests like a lot of fireworks, while other guests don’t have to set off fireworks? Please keep that in mind. After all, it is a shame to have to pay a lot of money for fireworks if you don’t really like them at all.

Another option is to let the fireworks enthusiasts bring their own fireworks. That way everyone has what they want to give off.

The decoration

The decoration does not have to be so exuberant at a New Year’s Eve party. Your house is probably still full of cozy Christmas decorations, so make use of that! Hang up some extra lights and give the Christmas tree extra festive garlands.

It is nice to coordinate your old and new decoration. A champagne glass with a gold rim, for example, works very well at a black and gold party. If your decoration is adapted to the theme, you ensure that your party is incredibly stylish. And that’s what we went for, wasn’t it?


Get your house ready for the New Years Eve

Have all preparations been made? Then get your house ready for the party. Your table can be moved to the side, creating extra space. Or put a plastic cloth over it, and use the table for beer pong (or champagne pong!). Provide good music (tip: happy new year from ABBA at exactly 00:00 is always good!) or swing the Top2000.

Are there many guests coming? Then make sure there is a handy place for the coats. This can be done, for example, in a bedroom, on the bed or on a clothes rack. This way everyone can easily find their coat after midnight to celebrate the new year outside.

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