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Where to find car repair advice online

With the advancement of technology, people are being benefited in way more ways than usual. The internet has made several jobs for individuals very easy, and it is considered a forum that millions of people approach to seek guidance, find out solutions to their problems, and to enhance their awareness about a topic. Car repairs advice, or specifically repair manuals, are what people also desire to seek from the platform as it is cheap, effective, and the guidance is easy to understand.

There are car repair manuals available for different car models, online, that people can get for free or for a reasonable cost. There are many websites that offer guidance to car owners on how to deal with the issues that they face, and many social media platforms also offer the ease to individuals to seek help related to any car-related problem.

Here we are going to look at some platforms (websites, social media groups, and different forums) that offer advice to any vehicle owner regarding the problem that they might face related to their vehicles:

Chilton: Anyone can easily visit the Chilton official website chiltondiy.com and get the repair manual for their cars. Their manuals are considered the most credible manuals and are used by many car owners in case of any trouble related to their vehicles. Their manuals are easy to comprehend and follow. These will cost between $15-$25.

ALLDATA: They have repair manuals for all cars except for Mini Coopers and BMWs. These manuals are popular among car workshop owners. Anyone can visit their website and get the repair manuals for their cars. Those will cost between $27-$45.

Haynes: Their website “www.haynes.com” is considered to provide the solutions for the majority of car issues faced by car owners.  Haynes offers a lifetime membership for $40, one-year membership for $30, and three-year membership for $35. This website is very popular among vehicle owners as it provides guidelines for the simplest problem to the most complex problem.

Mitchell1: Mitchell1 does not offer car repair solutions for larger projects but the manuals that are available are easy to follow and comprehend. Their repair manuals can be accessed through “www.mitchel1.com”. Mitchell offers a one-month long membership for $17, one-year long membership for $26, and a four-year long membership for $40.

eBay: Car repair manuals found on eBay are often by third-party publishers. They can be accessed at a starting price of $6. Their manuals are not always trusted by workshop owners. Some might be from trusted publishers too, but it is hard to verify their credibility.  

Facebook Groups: There are car maintenance and repair manuals available on many Facebook groups also. The groups have a broad audience and many satisfied customers. This platform is considered feasible by many car owners as it offers the facility to ask questions if required and get the queries answered within a few minutes. These groups have earned many subscribers and have a vast following. It is a popular platform among car owners.

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