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What is a ufi?

UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier. The UFI consists of sixteen characters that are a mandatory label element on the labels of products that contain a hazardous mixture. The ufi is a unique identification number that links a particular product to the European poison centers. If there should be an emergency, the right information about the hazardous mixture can be quickly requested by the emergency services.

When is use mandatory?

A UFI is only required for products that contain mixtures with hazardous substances and can pose a risk to health. Mixtures that are exclusively classified as harmful to the environment do not belong here and therefore have no UFI obligation.

How do I get a UFI?

Companies can easily generate an ufi code via online websites of the European Chemicals Agency and tools. To generate this code, you must have a VAT number and a formulation number that is specifically assigned to the mixture. The VAT number is important in order not to assign the same UFI to mixtures from different companies.

Placement on the label

The UFI should be clearly visible and legible on the label where it is stated. The UFI must also be listed in an easy and quickly findable place, preferably with the hazard pictograms because this is looked at more quickly. If it is not possible to place the UFI on the packaging, you can hang it on the product with a hanging card.


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