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The perfect syringe for accurate treatment

Almost everyone pays a visit to the doctor once in a while. While one has got an injury because of an intensive match of football, someone else has mobility problems and needs a check-up by a professional in the medical field. Due to the diversity in medical problems, doctors need to be able to make use of all kinds of different materials in order to give patients the best kind of treatment there is for their injuries, problems or shortcomings. Moreover, the medical industry distinguishes between two types of medical devices which are reusable devices and single-use consumables. Reusable devices can be reflex hammers or the bench on which patients will be examined by the doctor, whereas single-use products are facemasks and injectors. Nevertheless, there is a great variety within the supply of single-use products, with medical needles and syringes in particular. Vlow Medical differentiates between an orange and green injector, that each have their own authentic qualities. Are you curious what the specific differences are between the needles? Please keep on reading!

The differences between two most accurate syringes

Are you as a professional or doctor looking for an accurate medical syringe in order to give your patients the best treatment possible? Then you are right to pay a visit to the website of Vlow Medical or to keep on reading about the syringes offered by Vlow Medical. Their injectors are both of great quality, but they can be differentiated. The main difference can be noticed in the dose unit settings, as the green injector offers doses of 0.0125, 0.025 and 0.05 milliliters for. This is in contrast with the orange syringe, whose main feature is a dose-unit setting options of 0.01, 0.02 and 0.04 milliliters. It therefore really depends on the dose that you as a doctor are going to give your patient.


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