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The dangers of some jobs

Everyone chooses for a job they feel comfortable with and are actually good at it. There are a lot of different job sectors where you are able to work in. Most people make their choice by the degree they have, it is in fact not for all jobs necessary to have a specific degree but most of the time an experience is required. When you take a look at the different kind of jobs, you may notice that not every job is safe. There are jobs where you work in a dangerous environment or with dangerous equipments.


You wouldn’t immediately think of it, but the cleaning sector isn’t a very safe work environment. You work with different kinds of cleaning supplies, some stronger than the other, to know what you’re working with Is very important. When you work with cleaning supplies, most cleaning companies make use of strong products that include dangerous chemicals. If you don’t get to work safely with those products, then there are dangers that you could face. When those cleaning supplies contain dangerous chemicals, it is obligated to firstly take a good look at the safety data sheet. The supplier is obligated to deliver you the necessary safety data sheets.

Fire department

This one you may know is not a very safe job. A firefighter regularly comes into contact with dangerous substances, mostly the smoke of the fire contains a lot of dangerous and poisonous chemicals. A firefighter before it can become a real firefighter gets thought about the risks, the dangerous chemicals he can get in contact with, etc. They learn how to act when they are in such a situation to make sure they are handling safely without getting their own health in danger.

PCN Europe

Companies that launch dangerous products are obligated to deliver information about the product to the ECHA. All dangerous products have a danger symbol on the label. The PCN in Europe allows letting the differences in product notification disappear between the EU-members. The PCN in Europe has may become more transparent, but it hasn’t become easier. One of the most important aspects you can’t forget about in the PCN Europe is the UFI code.


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