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Madden NFL 21: November Update, What’s New?

After months of patches and various hotfixes, the fans were starting to lose hope about the game, as new patches seemed to make the game less stable. This October update might bring the changes the fans have been waiting for since the game launched. Let’s see what the November update has in store for us.

November update for Madden NFL 21 has many gameplay improvements. First, it fixes two issues concerning interceptions. Your defenders will not knockout their teammates during an interception anymore. Additionally, there will be fewer penalties for defenders when they perform catching in traffic. The patch will not remove dropped interceptions from the game but reduce them to a more acceptable level.

The patch nerfs significantly Quarterbacks Draw plays. The quarterbacks will fumble more often even when they are not fatigued. They will also have less speed at the end of the dropback on QB Draw plays. The QB will not be able to move in any direction, right after catching the snap. Before the patch, QB Draw plays were too efficient and overused by the players. The developers intend to make it a strategic move.

Overall, events that should happen randomly during a match but occurred too often have been reduced. AI edge-rush animations will now always trigger when the conditions are met. The patch also fixes an issue that caused certain players to swap positions with other players in certain formations. The buttons for QB Slide and QB dive have been remapped for the second time a tap at the X/Square button will use slide while holding them will perform a dive.

Concerning the game modes, the patch has updated Madden Ultimate Team, Franchise, and The Yard. In MUT, there will now be a combined reward screen instead of individual Training Point reward screens. Fantasy Packs will not need to be opened twice anymore and the Item compare list has changed. The Yard and Franchise mode has benefited from stability improvements.

Superstar KO now has a new mode called Endless run where you compete with other players to have the highest winning streak possible. On the last note, there have been some presentation updates, Cowboys home pants are now less green and mouthpieces are now available to use in the game. Want to buy more Madden 21 NFL coins at the best prices? Check out the MUTeamGo store!


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)


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