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Leave the import of your car from the USA to the experts

Would you like to import a car from the USA, for instance because they provide cars of makes and models that are unavailable in your country? Or are you moving from the USA and do you need someone to take care of the importation of your car? In both these cases and many more you can rely on the services of Marlog Car Handling. This company has imported thousands of cars from all over the world for a variety of customers. Will you be the next person whose car they ship carefully and efficiently to the desired destination?

Choose a partner that takes care of the whole package

When you trust Marlog Car Handling with the import of your car from the USA, you can count on a smooth and completely carefree process. This company has a broad network of business contacts all over the world and knows exactly which modes of transportation and which routes are best suited for car import. Not only will they take care of the transportation of your car, they will also provide you with the necessary paperwork and intermediate payment of the import. They can offer a complete package with all these services, but of course you can also hire them for a single one. Whichever way you want your car to be moved from A to B, Marlog Car Handling handles it for you in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Carefree importation of your dream car

Import a car from the USA in the most carefree way possible and leave the complete process in the reliable hands of Marlog Car Handling. They will make sure your car will reach its destination safely. Soon you will be able to drive in your very own American car, completely free of worry, knowing that all the necessary paperwork has been taken care of. What more could you want? Simply leave the import of your car in the hands of this reliable partner.


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