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How to use a paintsprayer?

Do you want to have a go at indoor paint sprayer? This is more easy than you would think. But do not just start right away. You can not simply hook the sprayer up and start painting willy-nilly. You won’t regret simply trying the paint out on a piece of carbdoard. You can’t really go wrong there. And when you try it out you will get a beter feeling for the brush. Try to acheive an even finish on the cardboard. If you are able to do this, then you are ready to have a go at spraying the walls. For spray painting the walls you can use the wagner flexio. But keep in mind that for paint spraying the environment needs to be exactly right. The temperature of the air around you needs to be over 45 degrees and under 75 degrees. Anything in between is a good environment. If the weather is too hot. The paint you have just sprayed will dry too quickly. And if this is happening, the paint will not have a good bond with the surface of the wall.  But when the temperature of the surroundings is too cold your paint sprayer might become clogged. Also when it’s cold the paint dries way to slowly and this will make sure that all kinds of bugs and other insects will be caught in the wet paint. And this is something you really wish to avoid.

Now when you feel ready to pray some paint, you have to do some preparations. First clear the area you want to paint. From dirt and things you can trip over. Also try and make sure the area is free of things that might catch the sprayers’ hose. Also protect the nearby windows and floor. You do this using tape an usually old newspapers. This is cheap and effective. Succes!



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