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How can we reduce waste production?

The excessive production of waste is now a well-known problem in our society. Therefore, many people and organizations are committed to reducing this amount of waste. But how exactly can we best do this? In this article we would like to tell you more about it. So read on quickly!


Paying attention at the supermarket

A good way to produce less waste is to pay close attention to what you buy in the supermarket. Many products are packaged loosely in plastic. Try to buy more discount products, so less packaging material is used, or choose products that are wrapped in paper.


Reusable products

Much of the waste that is produced comes from plastic bottles that are thrown away, bags, cans and so on. This is a shame and also very easy to prevent. Therefore, for example, use reusable containers and bottles or bags. Nowadays there are special drinking bottles made from recycled plastic that you can simply reuse. So you can refill the same bottle over and over again instead of throwing it away. The same goes for bags. We don’t have to buy a new bag every time we go to the store. There are special bags for sale, made of linen or cotton, for example, that you can reuse. You can easily put this bag in the car, put it in your coat pocket or keep it in your handbag. If you come to a place where you suddenly need an extra bag, then you always have it at hand!


Smart waste bins

Many municipalities are investing in smart bins these days. These are smart garbage cans that help reduce the excessive production of waste. The thing is that the garbage cans are equipped with special chips. The chip keeps track of how full the garbage can is and when it needs to be emptied. This means that the garbage can needs to be emptied less often, which also saves on the driving costs of garbage trucks. The smart bin can also compress the waste. This means that more waste can fit in the smart bin than in an ordinary bin. The waste is compressed up to 60% smaller so that more waste can fit into the smart bin. Some smart bins are also designed according to psychology. The design of the bin should motivate people to dispose of their waste in the smart bin instead of on the street.

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