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Getting rid of your car faster in crowded places

It can sometimes be quite difficult to find a good parking spot. Especially when this is in a busy city where everyone wants to park their car. Usually you also pay huge amounts of money to park your car for a short time when you finally find a spot. In order to provide everyone with a parking space, it is necessary to design the space in the best way possible so that several cars can park in the same space.


Building parking spaces in the heights

The best way to free up more space for cars is to build in height. In this way, several cars can be placed in the same square meter. Many parking lots already use this method. However, this method is only possible in less pressurized areas. Although it is possible to build in height, this is not cost effective when the size of the site is limited. Also, additional space needs to be cleared to move the cars to the other floors. In many busy cities, parking garages are often relatively small and can only accommodate a limited number of cars. As a result, it can be difficult to find an empty cheap parking space.


Build car elevators

A fairly new way to park cars is by using car elevators. With a car elevator, a larger amount of cars can be stored with relatively little space. A car lift contains a platform and a mechanism that allows the platform to move vertically. Cars can be moved vertically in this way without additional space. Car elevators can be used in two ways. The first way is by simply moving the car to the next floor. The other way is by having the elevator itself serve as a parking space. An automatic system is often used when the elevator itself serves as a parking space. When entering the car, this means you don’t have to look for an empty parking space first. There will always be an empty platform in front of you where you can place the car. Then you only need to get out of the vehicle and the elevator will automatically store your car.


Avoid busy times

To easily get a parking spot, it is important to come at less busy times. When everyone is at work, many parking spaces will be full. When everyone goes home, the parking lots will be emptied again. Hence, different parking rates usually apply at different times. At less busy times, parking rates will drop significantly, which means you will also have to pay less.


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