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FIFA 21: Lifecycle Of A FIFA Issue – Part 2

This week, we started a two-part article, giving you some information about issue resolution for FIFA 21. The goal of these articles is to give you an insight into the process leading to the release of patches, updates or hotfixes that we usually cover. In the first part of this series, we reviewed the first and second steps of issue resolution, identification and investigation. In this article, we will cover steps three and four.

Step three of FIFA issue lifecycle is the resolution. After the SE finds the root cause of an issue, he starts working on a solution and makes the required change. That step can be more or less difficult depending on the nature of the issue and its cause. The basic issue is quite simple to change when correctly identified.

However, complex issues that touch the core elements of the game can require deep changes to core elements of the game. The SE first apply the change in a local build of the game. QV analysts then make tests to check if the change worked and if it can be released to the public.

The QV tests allow the SE to know if the change is safe to apply to the main build of the game. There are several steps to make sure that the change is safe. Before applying the change to the mainline build, a technical lead must review the change to make sure that everything is ok.

The review can even take place at an earlier time as long as it is done before the check-in. When the review is completed and the results are deemed satisfactory, the change is checked into the mainline build and is now ready for the last phase.

The last phase of the lifecycle is the release. Before the release, the team still has some work to do. First, they prepare the release, the type of change changes according to various elements; it can consist of a server or a client release. The team then have to go through a testing and validation phase.

The testing is performed by QV under the supervision of a producer. If everything is ok, the team schedules the release. Scheduling a title update is different from doing so with a server release. When the date arrives, the team proceeds to the release. You can find additional details about the issue lifecycle on EA’s official website.

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(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)



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