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Enjoy the benefits of wholesale upholstery fabrics

The effect of the right fabric in an interior should never be underestimated. Are you looking for a company who knows a thing or two about wholesale upholstery fabrics? The friendly team of Symphony Mills can help you with that. They are known for their exquisite quality and professional service around the world. Their wholesale upholstery fabrics come with an extra benefit. They have more than five million metres (yes, you read that correct) of stocked fabrics in one of their four shipping and manufacturing hubs. This means you never have to wait a long time before you can enjoy your wholesale upholstery fabrics. From furniture to accessories, they have the right fabrics for every project and customer. 

Shop more than 70 different designs

The collection of Symphony Mills has more than 70 different designs in wholesale upholstery fabrics available. From blackouts, velvets, structures, leather looks to printed fabrics, tweeds and wovens… They have the right fabric and application possibilities for everyone. Ordering wholesale upholstery fabrics to use for products for pets, recreation and accessories are also possible. Symphony Mills guarantees the right material, lamination, backing and coating of your choosing. All their fabrics are tested for abrasion resistance, seam slippage, tear strength, light fastness, pilling, fire resistance and more. When the applications are done, the fabrics are tested once again to guarantee the best possible quality.

Discover their craftsmanship

Symphony Mills stands for pure quality when it comes to wholesale upholstery fabrics. Their designers and textile engineers work hard to meet your needs. Dedication and innovation are the keywords of this company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch when you have a question. Give them a call, fill in the contact form or just send them an e-mail. Are you ready to order? Have a look at the online wholesale upholstery fabrics!

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