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Dialoc ID: The Best In RFID Tech

For over thirty years, Dialoc ID have been leading the field, utilising the kind of cutting-edge technology that allows a Library to function perfectly. Theirs is a tried and tested model that’s been able to fit into Libraries around the world, and after constantly refining and re-developing their approach, they’ve blossomed into a truly reliable, customer-centric company. Based in Holland, Dialoc ID design and produce a range of products that save Libraries time and money: everything from self- service stations, return and sorting solutions and a series of ways to protect and catalogue inventory.

RFID Technology Working For You

The introduction of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is yet another example of Dialoc ID taking existing technology and making it even more effective. In essence, an RFID system facilitates the move to self-service circulation, saving money on personnel. Crucially, it also eradicates the need to scan individual barcode labels, as the RFID system can retrieve the required data from the air. All of this means less hassle for customers, who can now return items using RDIF bookdrops and sorters twenty-four-hours a day.

An RFID System To Organise Your Inventory

An RFID System also means a Library is able to easily update the search and scanning of inventory. Really, all this means is that everything on site can be organised and archived with a tremendous amount of accuracy, saving everyone time and energy. In effect, it’s another example of Dialoc ID pushing the boundaries of what this technology is truly capable of. And it’s been good to see Libraries around the globe embracing this new way of doing things. For many, it’s ushered in a golden age of efficiency for Libraries and their staff, which, ultimately, has to be a good thing for everyone.