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Customizing your car yourself

For most car enthusiasts, the car of their dreams will probably not come straight from the factory. Sure, it might be your model of choice and might even be nearly as perfect as you imagined, but chances are it will be lacking that one thing really does it for you. This can be something small, like more speed, bigger wheels, an advanced clutch, or simply a different shade of paint.

Luckily, this can be easily solved with a little customization. And the good thing is that you can manage most of these customizations all on your own. To start you off, let’s take a look at some major customizations you can focus on.


Everything about the wheels: Why tyre pressure is important!

If there is one thing you can’t afford to pass on when doing upgrades is getting better quality tires. They not only help with the handling, but they brake better and increase acceleration. Additionally, you can pair them up with some nice customized rims to complete the look.

What comes next is getting your tyre pressure in check. What most people don’t know is that merely changing your tires’ pressure can be even more beneficial than suspension modifications. For instance, if you are looking for more traction, you can get it by simply lowering each wheel’s pressures. This, in turn, increases the surface area of the rubber gripping the tarmac, making your car vastly more stable.

Another trick people use to enhance handling is by playing with the front and back wheel pressures. If the car tends to understeer more, you can lower your front wheel pressure slightly more than the rear. On the other hand, if the tail is too loose, lower the pressure on the rear wheels more.


Upgrade To an advanced clutch

If you are dealing with a manual transmission vehicle, getting an advanced clutch should be your top priority. An upgraded clutch will better modulate the energy produced at the flywheel and transfer it more efficiently through the driveline to push your car forward. This goes a long way in increasing the torque holding capacity, shift ability, and engagement quality, which are all crucial if you are prepping your car for track use.

Switch to a short throw shifter

A short-throw shifter works hand in hand with the brakes, tires, and advanced clutch to overall save a little extra time on the runs. With this, you get to shift quicker, gaining about a tenth each lap, depending on your skills. Additionally, you can spruce it up with a better-looking shift knob to make the package complete.


Get better brake pads

If you’ve done all these modifications to improve your speed, the least you can do is give your car the ability to stop. And this is where brake pads come in. Even with standard brakes, a nice set of brake pads will significantly enhance your stopping power. Luckily brake pads are easy to fit and quite affordable. The very best might give out a little squeal and emit more brake dust, but with the improved braking abilities you get for the price, it is well worth it.



Well, there you have it. Of course, you can make tons of other modifications based on personal preference like custom speakers, Lighting, custom paint job, or even sealing up ducts on your bonnet for more aerodynamics. However, the above DIY customizations are the ones that will result in the most dramatic change.


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