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Customized gangway solutions of the highest standards

When you need a gangway, you want it to be customized. It needs to fit your application perfectly. Gangway Solutions is a specialized company in the Netherlands, with extensive experience in engineering, designing and commissioning of equipment for many industries. They install their systems for the offshore, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries worldwide. They ensure safe access between ship and shore. Their systems are of the highest standard and meet all national, European, and American standards. They are explosion-proof. If needed they deliver their equipment with radiographic remote control systems. Just tell them what your requirements for the gangway are and they make sure you get exactly what you need.

Gangway systems as you need them

Because of the customization possibilities, their gangway systems always meet your requirements. They manufacture them in all kinds of shapes and forms. Do you want to provide safe access to a ship, offshore plant or a petrochemical facility? Just tell them your needs and they include every feature that is required. Do you want lights on your gangway? Do you want it covered or open? Do you want manual or electrical controls? Do you want a telescopic gangway or a fixed one? Gangway Solutions offers trusted products and guarantees the quality of their systems.  

Safety always comes first

A gangway needs to provide safety. With Gangway Solutions this always comes first. The system needs to be safe in every situation. In order to guarantee this, they first test and inspect all their products on their own industrial site. So when you get their gangway, you know it’s safe and durable. Are you interested in the systems of this specialist? Or do you have any questions relating to a gangway? Are you not sure what exactly you need? Just contact them and their specialists will tell you everything about the possibilities of their systems.

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