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An egg processing machine that does everything from grading to packaging

Are you looking to buy a new egg processing or separator machine for your plant or farm? Then Moba Group has just the right equipment for you! Their high-quality machinery comes in many different forms, so they definitely have a machine that fits your processing needs. Do you need an egg processing machine that can clean, grade and package your eggs and even determine their size? Moba Group has a machine that does all of that for you. It is no wonder they are the world’s leading manufacturer of egg grading and packaging machines.

Separate egg whites from yolks in a reliable and quick way

Buying an egg separator or other processing machine from Moba Group is always a good idea. Their equipment is known for its high quality, durability and reliability. With an egg separator machine from them you can efficiently separate egg whites from the yolks at a variety of speeds. What speed can be reached mostly depends on the size of machine you buy. Of course this characteristic is much more important for large scale plants than for a small farm. For a small plant it may be more important that a machine is compact and durable. Even then you can count on Moba Group, because their processing machines also come in smaller sizes. Their Micro25 egg-breaking machine, for instance, is especially designed for small scale operations.

An egg separator machine that lasts

After you have bought an egg separator machine or other processing equipment from Moba Group, you can still count on their excellent service. Their customer service is available 24/7, so should you run into any problems with your egg processing machine, they are there to help. Simply contact them and they will diagnose the problem straight away. They can do so right from behind their computers. After finding out the root cause of the issue, they will either provide you with a simple way to fix the machine yourself or send a support team your way. Either way, your machine will get the repairs it needs. Moba Group does everything they can to ensure that you profit from the efficiency and excellence of their machines for many years to come.

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