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A heated circulating water bath that is quite and easy to maintain

Do you need a simple immersion Circulator, an economical open bath systems or a full-featured heated circulating water baths with ramp and soak capabilities? You can find almost 50 different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs at PolyScience. This company is a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. They got your back if you need a heating circulator, such as a heated circulating water bath.

Choose between different models

When it comes to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs, you want the best option for your specific needs. Therefore PolyScience has over 40 different models available! Since 1963, they have been providing innovative temperature control solutions for customers world-wide. If it needs heat, it needs a PolyScience heated circulating water bath! For perfect innovation, product quality and heating expertise you choose the latest generation PolyScience heated circulating water baths. They offer you a lot of features, like:

  • Safe
  • Quite
  • Very precise
  • Energy saving
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Provide years of reliable and accurate heating

Interested in their services?

At this company, you find a heated circulating water bath for all your laboratory’s heating needs. Also discover the six controller available at this company. The six controller types have large, intuitive displays and multiple communication options. Choose between the performance programmable, advanced programmable, performance digital, advanced digital, standard digital or the MX controller. Do you need support with choosing a heated circulating water bath? Their service is very quick – they respond within one to two days! After you bought temperature control equipment at this company, they encounter problems with your equipment over two years after you bought them. Did you find a heater you want? Order them now and don’t pay any shipping costs on orders above € 500,-. Get in contact with this specialist for more information or take a look at their website!


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